The workshop will introduce the attendants to Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, a system of training designed for actors of all kinds. 

Vsevolod Meyerhold is one of the most influential acting practitioners who shaped the 20th Century Russian Theatre and a thousand acting practitioners who followed.

You will be guided in discovering the emotional mystery behind the movement and learn the tools that are needed in developing performance methods in both theatre and film.

The workshop is designed for 10-15 students and will be divided in two sessions.


In the first session, we will explore the Four stages of movement according to Meyerhold: OTKAS (“The Refuse”); POSYL (“The sending”); STOIKA (“The Slowing Down”) and TORMOS (“The Full-Stop”). We will also focus on the levels of speed and amplitude in movement.

The second session will comprise a series of exercises with attention on The Preparation, The Execution itself and The Full Stop. We will use the space in a Brownian manner and explore the movements, this time through music. 

The participants will be encouraged to be open to the music, respond to its rhythm and lose themselves into dance. We will also look at the work of the actor with an Object - The toss of the wand, and working with a partner.

The session will spend 180 minutes working on developing balance, strength, coordination, agility and flexibility in movement resulting in a better connection with the partner and the performance space.

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