Why BioMechanics?

Stanislavsky vs. Meyerhold

Most actors today are fluent in Stanislovsky's influence on our craft, but perhaps even more influential and just as highly regarded, Meyerhold's unique teachings of movement,  BioMechanics, emphasized “elementary laws of reflexes."

Meyerhold is Modern

The latest scientific research bears out Meyerhold's deepest intuition;  the physical action informs the emotional underpinning.  Let our masterful understanding of movement develop your core emotional talents.

Meyerhold & Cinema

Meyerhold's student and protege', Sergei Eisenstein created much of the langauge that modern filmmakers use today, based on Meyerhold's innovation on the stage. Chat up a film director and you'll get an earful on their adoration of Eisenstein.

Our BioMechanics workshops are designed to elevate your craft to a new level, to experience the realm of physical that informed Moscow's Meyerhold Theater of the 1920's and 1930's.